Why should I consider buying or investing in a property in the Philippines?:

Investing in property or real estate in the long term is a good way of balancing one’s portfolio of investments. A typical investment in property or real estate usually assures the investor of long term capital appreciation. An additional benefit for an investor is the rental income which can be derived from investments in a house and lot or condominium unit.

At this point, it would do well to remember that a property’s rate of appreciation also has a lot to do with the reputation of the developer and the quality of his projects. The better known and respected the developer, the faster and higher is the appreciation of investments in his projects.

I’m interested in buying property in the Philippines. What is the first thing I need to do?:

You may click on the Property Finder to look for properties developed by Ayala Land.

Go through the individual projects and get a sense of the unique lifestyle and experience offered by each. Once you have selected a property, click on the Home Buying Guide to help you work out the next steps and complete your purchase.

What are my options if I would like to retire or buy a vacation home?:

Dependingon your needs and lifestyle preference, Ayala Land offers a variety of propertyoptions. You may choose a condominium unit in a commercial business districtthat will give you quick access to urban conveniences, or you may prefer aresidential lot or house-and-lot in the suburbs of Metro Manila, where you canenjoy cool air and beautiful scenery in a well-planned community with completeamenities. Whether you enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle, the cool breeze of thesea, daily rounds of golf, or the charming suburban lifestyle, Ayala Land has aproperty option which will suit your needs.

What factors should I consider when selecting a home?:

Among the factors that you should consider are your preferences in terms of location and the type of property which you would like to purchase. An added dimension is the over-all quality of the project or community where the property is located.

External factors include proximity to schools, places of worship, central business districts, shopping & dining destinations, and other forms of entertainment and recreation. For retirees and active seniors, proximity to world class medical facilities will be a primary consideration. Ayala Land offers a wide range of properties in prime locations. The combination of good location, high-quality construction, and long-term commitment to service and maintenance will provide you with the ideal living experience.

What tips can you offer for choosing a good lot, house-and-lot, or condo unit?:

Among the factors which you should look for in choosing a lot are the following: terrain or topography of the particular lot, the views available from the said lot, the proximity of the lot to amenities and parks, the orientation of the lot (e.g. east, corner lot), the availability of trees within the lot itself, and the shape of the lot – which will have an impact on the design of the house.

In choosing the location of a condominium unit, the factors you should consider are the following: the views available from the said unit, the orientation of the unit (e.g. east, corner), the location of the unit in terms of level (e.g. lower level, penthouse), and the proximity to amenities.

Factors specific to the house or condo unit are the size and number of bedrooms, number of toilets, the availability of extra spaces such as den, maid’s room, storage room, and parking space, and how all of these are laid out in the floor plan. A well planned unit will provide good circulation, ample space, and good synergy of movement between related areas.

Consider also the quality of the finishes (floor, sanitary wares, ceilings, door and windows) and the provision of add-ons such as cabinets, fixtures, and telecom provision (cable TV, telephone, and DSL).

Do I really need a broker/seller to purchase a property?:

Yes you need a broker who is an accredited seller of Ayala Land or a Property Specialist to assist you in buying property.

What is a corporation?:

A corporation is a juridical person capable of having rights and obligations, with a personality separate and distinct from that of its shareholders. Corporations may be classified into two general classes: stock and non-stock. Stock corporations are governed by a board of directors and its shares are held by persons referred to as shareholders. Stock corporations have capital stock divided into shares and are authorized to distribute to its shareholders dividends out of its surplus profits. Non-stock corporations are governed by a board of trustees and the persons constituting it are referred to as members. Non-stock corporations exist for purposes other than profit, like religious, civic, and charitable organizations, and no part of its income is distributable as dividends to its members, trustees or officers.

Can I use a corporation to buy a property in the Philippines?:

Foreigners may indirectly own land by investing in Philippine corporations registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) subject to the foreign equity restrictions for ownership of private land discussed above. Such Philippine corporations may then acquire the land.

What are the documents required for setting up a corporation?:

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) websitehttp://www.sec.gov.ph/ provides a listing of all the documentary requirements and the procedural steps for incorporation a domestic corporation.