Why should I buy from Ayala Land?:

Ayala Land properties and communities are well-planned, well-constructed, and well-maintained. Because of good location, high quality of construction, and long-term commitment to service and maintenance, our properties have enhanced the living experience of our residents. In addition, our properties have typically shown growth in value over time.

What is the difference between Ayala Land Premier, Alveo Land Corp., and Avida?:

Ayala Land Premier developments are the most distinctive and exclusive among all Ayala Land properties. Premium locations, expansive living spaces, luxurious finishes, and first-rate amenities are the trademarks of the Ayala Land Premier living experience.

Alveo Land Corp. caters to urban high achievers. It fulfills the lifestyle aspirations of this dynamic and fast-rising set by creating vibrant communities that reflect the cosmopolitan tastes and needs of residents. Each development promotes close ties among neighbors in a safe and secure environment.

Avida Land Corp. serves the needs of the hardworking middle class, the engine of our nation’s growth. Avida provides homes to be proud of, in a peaceful, safe community that is accessible to public transportation. Avida gives home buyers peace of mind, knowing that the dream home they have worked hard for will be built with Ayala Land’s promise of Integrity, Reliability, and Commitment.

Where are the properties located?:

Ayala Land properties are located in central business districts like Makati and Bonifacio Global City (Taguig), as well as other Metro Manila locations like Quezon City, Manila, Antipolo, and Paranaque. Properties outside Metro Manila are in selected provinces of Central and Southern Luzon, the Visayas region, and Mindanao.

New areas for expansion are also constantly being added. Please click on Our Properties for a complete list.

What are the different types of properties available? What is the difference between a subdivision lot, condominium, and club share?:

Ayala Land offers subdivision lots, house-and-lot units, condominium units, and membership club shares.

There are generally 2 types of residential products in the Philippines: (a) subdivision lots, and (b) condominium units.

Subdivision lots are parcels of land within a project of subdivided property, where each lot is covered by an individual title (i.e. Transfer Certificates of Title or TCTs) issued by the Register of Deeds. A subdivision lot may be sold with a particular type of dwelling unit constructed on it, which may be a single-detached house or a townhouse.

Subdivision projects are covered by a subdivision plan submitted by the developer to the Bureau of Lands. The use and occupancy of subdivision lots and common areas such as open spaces and roads, in a subdivision project are governed by a Deed of Restrictions which is formulated by the developer.

Condominium units are also covered by individual titles (i.e. Condominium Certificates of Title or CCTs) issued by the Register of Deeds. A condominium project is covered by the Master Deed with Declaration of Restrictions. The Master Deed is the enabling act or deed which constitutes, among others, the description of the land, building, common areas, facilities, intended purpose of the building, and the statement of the nature of the interest and obligation acquired by the buyer. The Declaration of Restrictions is a part of the Master Deed which states, among others, the limitation of ownership of each unit in the condominium, the manner of sharing of the common area expenses, and provides for the management of the project by the condominium corporation through a board of directors.

How can I schedule a visit to the properties I’m interested in?:

There are two ways to schedule a visit:

Click here to schedule a visit indicating the property you are interested in visiting and your available dates.

Visit our properties’ locations at your own convenience. We have site officers who can assist you with your inquiries. Directions and location maps are available in the information pages of each of our properties in this website.

How do I know what unit features, amenities, and facilities are included in the house-and-lot or condominium unit that I want to purchase?:

Depending on the project, the following utilities are typically provided: water, power, sewage, telecom connection. Please check with your seller for the actual specification of the utilities for the project you are interested in.

Once I have chosen a floor plan model, do I still have other options?:

Depending on the project, you may be given options on floor finish, sanitary wares, material for kitchen and bedroom cabinets, number of parking slots, etc. Please check with your seller for the complete list of options available to you.

How do I get in touch with a seller?:

 You can get in touch with our Property Specialist by calling our hotline, click here for the list of numbers or by sending us an email or you can chat with our sellers 24/7

Do I really need a broker/seller to purchase a property?:

Yes you need a broker who is an accredited seller of Ayala Land or a Property Specialist to assist you in buying property.

How much does a typical property (lot, house and lot, condo, club share) cost?:

The cost of the property is typically affected by the factors which buyers take into consideration when buying.

A typical lot:

Ayala Land Premier – minimum package price of Php4 million

Alveo Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php3 million

Avida Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php0.8 million

A typical house-and-lot:

Ayala Land Premier – minimum package price of Php17 million

Alveo Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php4 million

Avida Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php1.8 million

A typical condo:

Ayala Land Premier – minimum package price of Php9 million

Alveo Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php3 million

Avida Land Corp. – minimum package price of Php1.2 million